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V4 Ion Bolt – Vibe, GOG, Ion XE – Mech Mod Ready ,

The long awaited TFG V4 Ion, Epiphany, Vibe, SP1, SP8, Ion XE, Gog bolt! Optimized for the best performance possible! Mechanical Mod Ready!


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The TFGPB V4 Ion bolt was optimized for operation in mechanical modded markers, but it works wonderfully in the electronic versions as well. The TFG V4 bolt works with the original Ion, Epiphany, Vibe, SP1, SP8, Ion XE and most GOG Markers.

Each purchase comes with one complete bolt (bolt head, bolt stalk assembly, and boltstop), an o-ring chart, and a complete 2x o-ring rebuild. And stickers of course!

Each bolt is tested prior to shipment to ensure quality.

Please note that this bolt system requires that one has the ability to disassemble their marker, install the new parts, and possibly replace o-rings found in the breech of the marker. Additionally, it may take a few hundred shots for the core o-ring on this bolt to seat properly. While our technical support email is always open to help get you running, if you do not believe that you are able to install the bolt yourself or change o-rings, we would recommend that you stick with your stock setup or send your marker to a certified tech for installation.

TFGPB shamelessly recommends Tim Firpo of Paintball Tek for all of your marker teching and repair needs.

** Will not work with the GOG v2 Bolt platform which has an o-ring on the tip of the stock bolt. **


Weight 3 oz